About me

基本信息 / Who am I

工作经历 / Experience

  • 百度,自动驾驶技术部,感知组,高级研发工程师(2017-04 ~ now)。 / Senior Software Engineer at Baidu, Inc. Working on Autonomous Driving.

教育 / Education

  • 浙江大学软件学院,软件工程专业,计算机动画与感知课题组,硕士研究生(2014-09 ~ 2017-04)。 / Zhejiang University, Master of Engineering (M.Eng.), Computer Software Engineering, 2014 to 2017.
  • 浙江大学数学系,数学与应用数学专业,本科(2009-09 ~ 2013-06)。 / Zhejiang University, Bachelor of Science (BS), Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, 2009 to 2013.


  • Du, Y., Wong, Y., Liu, Y., Han, F., Gui, Y., Wang, Z., … & Geng, W. (2016, October). Marker-less 3d human motion capture with monocular image sequence and height-maps. In European Conference on Computer Vision (pp. 20-36). Springer, Cham. BibTex
  • CN105631861A,结合高度图从无标记单目图像中恢复三维人体姿态的方法,2016。 / Method of restoring three-dimensional human body posture from unmarked monocular image in combination with height map.
  • CN105447850A,一种基于多视点图像的全景图拼接合成方法,2016。 / Panorama stitching synthesis method based on multi-view images.

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